Hosted Azure


Hosted Azure is easily scalable, enabled for business growth, and provides economical value. It can be deployed quickly at a flexible rate and without the need to purchase complex and expensive hardware. Benefitting from the onset with controlled maintenance and round-the-clock security from a fully managed and trusted service, it means you can focus on meeting customer demand without service interruption.

It’s also the perfect tool for moving to the cloud as it extends your existing IT environment, easily integrating with databases and hybrid storage solutions. Plus, you’ll be able to build applications directly within the cloud platform, giving you simplified deployment across mobile and web.

With our Hosted Azure you can also look forward to:

A wrap-around solutionA WRAP-AROUND SOLUTION: Azure can work around many business models without hassle, giving you an elastic approach to the cloud service.

Works seamlessly with Office appsWORKS SEAMLESSLY WITH OFFICE APPS: Hosted Azure works hand-in-hand with Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

perfect for testing and developmentPERFECT FOR TESTING AND DEVELOPMENT: Its natural ability enables users to develop and trial applications from within its suite of tools without the expensive outlay on hardware.

Best for HybridBEST FOR HYBRID: Hosted Azure is great for those looking at a managed service solution without moving everything to the cloud in one go.

Deploy almost anywhereDEPLOY ALMOST ANYWHERE: Microsoft has a large geographic presence with over 30 data centre regions across the globe. Azure can be deployed from anywhere so there’s no restriction by location.

Pay for what you usePAY FOR WHAT YOU USE: Need more resources? No problem. With Azure you can easily scale to allow for customer demand and drop back when it’s not needed, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Disaster recovery and back-upDISASTER RECOVERY AND BACK UP: From scalable storage solutions to a disaster recovery failover, using Azure means your data is replicated three times in the cloud for supreme levels of security.

Fully CompliantFULLY COMPLIANT: Azure meets full compliance needs as recognised within the Microsoft Trust Centre, so your data remains yours when in the cloud.

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