SIP Trunks


SIP Trunks make a cost-effective alternative to ISDN2e and ISDN30 lines. Rather than having physical telephone lines going into your office, virtual phone lines are run over your broadband connection.

SIP Trunks are much more versatile than physical lines; having the ability to quickly add additional channels and allocate numbers.

BT has announced that ISDN lines will be discontinued by 2025, the new solution is SIP Trunks. The move is similar to the switch from analogue to digital TV.

Because SIP Trunks are virtual and not tied to a telephone exchange, we can port your existing geographic numbers, as well as supply new numbers in the 01 and 02 ranges. Incoming calls can be routed to any physical location with a suitable telephone system.

Because the majority of the call routing goes over the Internet, the outgoing call costs are also much lower than traditional telephone lines. Calls to other SIP trunks are not routing on the telephone system at all and are completely free.

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