Cyber Awareness Training & Compliance

Today all businesses have an online presence with numerous connections, endpoints and content. These endpoints should be heavily protected with antivirus, ideally one that learns and improves; but what about the most vulnerable endpoint – your employees?

Employees today face a ever growing number of emails, logins and passwords. Criminals are exploiting this with social engineering techniques, the use of weak and re-use of passwords across multiple services gives them a wide field of attack. Phishing emails are becoming more and more complex, convincing and better at evading anti-spam techniques, as these fight to keep up you can gain an advantage by providing your staff with Cyber Awareness/Information Security training as well as pre-built courses on compliance issues, such as GDPR, data handling & classification and PCI DSS. with uLearn you can also create and publish your own custom courses and content. The InfoSec course begins with a gap analysis of 36 questions before following on with over 30 bite-size courses based on each individual’s weakest area.

Also provided is uPhish – a email phishing simulator with a library of email and landing page templates included already.

Monitor and reduce user vulnerability to sophisticated
phishing. Learn how susceptible your users are to ultratargeted
spear-phishing campaigns or enable continual
simulations and monitor vulnerability trends over time.

A key component of compliance, uPolicy a Policy Management System with templates included, to develop, track changes and sign off policies across your organisation. Use it to manage changes and ensure policies are agreed on a set timeframe such as annually, for new employees only or a mixture.

uBreach monitors thousands of data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums, locating exposed email accounts before they can be leveraged for targeted attacks.

This data is combined to provide each user with a risk score, which you can monitor and report on over time, measure the impact the training is having and identify high-risk areas.

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